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Archive:Fund drives/2005/Q4/Day 11

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Monday 26 December

A total of 257 donations were made through PayPal on Day 11, yielding the equivalent of $5,813.09 USD. The average donation that day was $22.62.

A total of about 38.10 was donated through MoneyBookers since the last update, bringing that total to $772.68. Today was a postal holiday and thus there are no mail or Dexia donations to report.

Day total: $5,851.19

Breakdown of Day 11 PayPal donations:

AUD     38.09     (28.59 USD)
CAD 	297.88 	  (245.13 USD)
EUR 	1,823.94  (2,215.52 USD)
GBP 	213.49 	  (382.85 USD)
JPY 	40,160.00 (362.85 USD)
USD 	2,578.16
Total 	5,813.09 USD

Copied from: http://fundraising.wikimedia.org/2005q4/index.php/2005-12-26/report/

Special thanks to those who gave large donations

Christian Hoffmann gave the largest donation this day; € 200. There were also many donors who gave the equivalent of about $100 or more (listed in no particular order); Jeff Lima, Craig Hirsch, and 9 anonymous donors.

Note: While large donations are great, it should be noted that about 70% of all the money donated to the Wikimedia Foundation comes from donations that are the equivalent of $50 or less and the average donation is about $25.

Selected donor comments

Let's all thank everybody who donated on this day by reading their comments.

Full listing at: http://fundraising.wikimedia.org/2005q4/index.php/2005-12-26/detail/
  • "The best of what the Internet promised" by Beth Gibson
  • "Danke für das große Lexikon" by anonymous
  • "What a wonderful site, I use it every day. It is a natural for my Opera start-up page. I only wish I had more to give. Thank you, thank you so much Wikipedia!" by Shari Wilson
  • "Keep up the good work!" by Chris Bunch
  • "Free Information for Everyone." by Christoph Dankert
  • "Faites le pour nous, et pas pour votre portefeuille." by Yoann GUETTA
  • "Keep it up! You help me do my degree! I love you people!" by Robert Griffin
  • "Using the site quite often, so why not "paying" a little bit for it ... Just keep going!" by Igor Brusic
  • "Many thanks to all involved with Wikimedia!" by anonymous
  • "El conocimiento debe ser como el agua, gratis y de libre acceso a toda la población. Ser culto para ser libre." by Juan Herraiz
  • "How could I not donate to the Encyclopedia Galactica (well, in a hundred years or so... give it time)?" by Craig Hirsch
  • "I loved the holiday card and enjoy the ever expanding Romanian encyclopedia." by Gordon Davidescu
  • "Wiki rocks" by Jeff Lima

Some of my personal favorites:

  • "Paying it forward with knowledge" by anonymous
  • "Plain, clear, accessible knowledge in the grand encylopedic tradition. May Wikipedia flourish!" by William Bruneau
  • "Knowledge is Power, let it run free" by anonymous
  • "Blessed is the day I discovered this resource!" by anonymous

-- Daniel Mayer

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