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Wednesday 28 December

A total of 287 donations were made through PayPal on Day 13, yielding the equivalent of $9,139.82 USD; an increase of $806.73 over Day 12. The average donation this day was $31.85 (second highest in the drive so far). A total of €538.76 ($651.54) was donated through Dexia via 15 donations.

Mail donations since the last update amounted to an amazing $7,788, bringing that total to $8,508.00 and the day's overall total to $17,579.36.

Breakdown of Day 13 PayPal donations:

AUD     76.24     (57.22 USD)
CAD 	185.39 	  (152.56 USD)
EUR 	1,561.37  (1,896.58 USD)
GBP 	310.32 	  (556.50 USD)
JPY 	75,224.00 (679.65 USD)
USD 	5,797.32
Total 	9,139.82 USD

Copied from: http://fundraising.wikimedia.org/2005q4/index.php/2005-12-28/report/

Special thanks to those who gave large donations

An anonymous donor gave a $2000 USD donation this day! There were also many donors who gave the equivalent of about $100 or more (listed in no particular order); Raymond Maceiras, Prof J G Malone-Lee, Armando Ferreira, Masayoshi Sakaguchi, John Lehmann, Seshadri Ramani, Mark Svendsen, Dennis Maki, Henry Gurr, Carlan Met, and 6 anonymous donors.

Note: While large donations are great, it should be noted that about 70% of all the money donated to the Wikimedia Foundation comes from donations that are the equivalent of $50 or less and the average donation is about $25.

Selected donor comments

Let's all thank everybody who donated on this day by reading their comments.

Full listing at: http://fundraising.wikimedia.org/2005q4/index.php/2005-12-28/detail/
  • "Thank you! An interactive encyclopedia is a great idea! We use Wikipedia quite a lot and we like it as it is now, without ads, collaborative, and independent." by Carola and Miguel Andrade
  • "Travailler en communauté et pour la Communauté. Merci pour ce bel idéal." by anonymous
  • "Sorry, you can't edit this donation!" by Roberto Frangi
  • "Wiki is an excellent encyclopedia." by Masayoshi Sakaguchi
  • "Geniales, weltveraenderndes, offenes Projekt. Ich moechte da was zurueckgeben." by Björn Kuhlen
  • "thanks for the great infomation. I am a Fine art student and this is such a great site for a wealth of infomation. i use it almost everyday!" by jordan wolff
  • "perchè portate nelle case la conoscenza....grazie" by carlo bernardini
  • "An impressive and valued intellectual and cultural resource" by Dennis Maki
  • "I refer to you amost daily - keep it up!" by anonymous
  • "May this site be an example for others to follow in social participation" by Seshadri Ramani
  • "wikipedia!!! la miglior enciclopedia del mondo!!!! fantastca!!!!! se ognuno donasse un euro o un dollaro, si arriverebbe facilmente alla quota prefissata..." by anonymous
  • "I'm just sharing a part of what you've saved me. Thank you." by Dennis Storm
  • "With the stones of the past we build our future, and knowledge is how to use those stones." by Daniel Scallon
  • "Thank you. This is the power of internet." by anonymous
  • "A very valuable resource. Thank you." by anonymous

Some of my personal favorites:

  • "After I become a billionaire, count me in for 10 million" by anonymous
  • "Thank you! The most reliable and comprehensive source I've found yet. Keep up the great work!" by anonymous
  • "A few years ago, I thought corporations would take over the Internet. Wikipedia is an example of community ownership that amazes me." by Mark Svendsen
  • "WikiPedia is a great project that helps all humanity. I'm impressed by how good you are and in such a short time! Keep up the good work!!!!!!" by Henry Gurr
  • "Wikipedia got me an A this semester." by Matthew Harrison
  • "Thanks to everyone who has contributed" by Daniel Cardenas
  • "Don't be a hippo! Donate now like me!" by John Devor

--Daniel Mayer

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