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Saturday 31 December

A total of 420 donations were made through PayPal on Day 16, yielding the equivalent of $12,701.14 USD; a very modest increase over Day 15 (3rd highest so far in this drive). The average donation this day was $30.24.

MoneyBookers donations since the last update two days ago amounted to $140.69, bringing that total to $1422.58.

Day total: $12,841.83
AUD     18.56     (13.93 USD)
CAD 	364.98    (300.35 USD)
EUR 	1,627.03  (1,976.34 USD)
GBP 	456.24 	  (818.18 USD)
JPY 	10,972.00 (99.13 USD)
USD 	9,493.22
Total 	12,701.14 USD

Special thanks to those who gave large donations

An anonymous donor gave the largest donation this day, $500.00. There were also many donors who gave the equivalent of about $100 or more (listed in no particular order); Colin Rose, Ralph Leighton, Neil Fred Picciotto, Kevin Griffin, Ray O'Donnell, Stuart Shay, Erik Anderson, Christopher Potter, and 31 anonymous donors.

Note: While large donations are great, it should be noted that about 70% of all the money donated to the Wikimedia Foundation comes from donations that are the equivalent of $50 or less and the average donation is about $25.

Selected donor comments

Let's all thank everybody who donated on this day by reading their comments.

Full listing at: http://fundraising.wikimedia.org/2005q4/index.php/2005-12-31/detail/
  • "Go Wikinews!" by Tim Spurrier
  • "So amazing to get all this information with a single click! Thank you all! :)" by anonymous
  • "One of the greatest online resources, ever!" by Kris Warren
  • "Here's to forwarding the sciences! Cheers to you Jimmy from a chemist!" by Patrick Holder
  • "Knowledge has no limits and Wikipedia makes paper books cry. It's becoming the greatest knowledge library for the whole world. Greets from Poland." by Michal Marzec
  • "Es importante que mantengan su esfuerzo" by anonymous
  • "Jimmy, try conducting charity concerts, and other public charity events, and you'll see more money coming. Please try it, at least just this once." by Christian Shultz
  • "I didn't do much reading for my college Chinese history class, but after reading the Wikipedia articles on Chinese history right before the exam, I aced it." by Quinn Carey
  • "I love Wikipedia! I love the spirit of sharing and egalitarianism it stands for. I also love the high quality of knowledge it has garnered under one roof. It is truly an inspirational enterprise." by Kathy Sun
  • "Wikipedia.de war und ist mir eine große Hilfe zum Studium. Mit einer Spende bedanke ich mich dafür" by Carmen Beyer
  • "Don't get cocky; learn from the traditional encyclopedias." by anonymous
  • "Happy New Wikiyear!" by anonymous
  • "The wiki foundation represents the true spirit of the internet which seems to have been forgotten in todays commercialist internet age, thanks." by Andrew Denny
  • "free as in freedom" by stefaan WATTE
  • "May God bless this great educational endeavor! -- Que Dios bendiga esta gran obra educativa!" by anonymous
  • "Oxford finals now significantly easier" by Thomas Ogg
  • "I used to talk to Jimmy Wales ages ago and have the uttermost respect for him." by David Tainsh
  • "理念に賛同して。" by Kazushige Suzuki
  • "The best encyclopedia of all - plus promising wikibooks for the world" by anonymous

Some of my personal favorites:

  • "Wikipedia enhances my daily life. I love it." by anonymous
  • "I remember wiki as a wee baby. I luvs ya' wiki!!!" by Sean Russell
  • "Wikipedia is one of the world's most useful tools. It deserves every chance to blossom further." by anonymous
  • "Wikipedia is something truly extraordinary, truly democratic, truly enlightened. It must live on!" by Ian Boswell
  • "Everyone wants to know the meaning of life...but ignores the library. Support Wikipedia!" by anonymous
  • "Let's not lose this rich opportunity; everybody please donate!" by Manfred Peschke
  • "This is (hopefully) the future of the Internet!" by Joel Wright
  • "To the Future, Wikipedia!" by anonymous

-- Daniel Mayer

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