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Monday 2 January

An all time record of 1361 donations were made through PayPal on Day 18, yielding the equivalent of an amazing $38,443.05 USD. This is about $16,000 more than the Day 17 and an all time record for any day in any drive the Wikimedia Foundation has ever had (the previous all time record was yesterday)! Much of the increase is likely due to the fact that Jimmy Wales' personal appeal was linked all day and due to press coverage about the appeal from Slashdot. The average donation this day was $28.25. Nine Dexia donations totaled €135 ($163.49) today.

Day total: $38,606.54

Breakdown of Day 18 PayPal donations:

AUD     1,063.02     (797.79 USD)
CAD 	1,577.45     (1,298.10 USD)
EUR 	6,102.54     (7,412.69 USD)
GBP 	1,409.44     (2,527.55 USD)
JPY 	33,103.00    (299.09 USD)
USD 	26,107.83
Total 	38,443.05 USD

Special thanks to those who gave large donations

Wesley Boyd and an anonymous donor both gave 1000 USD, the largest donation this day. There were also many donors who gave the equivalent of about $100 or more (listed in no particular order); Rodney A Olsen, James A Rogers, Wilma Leung, Scott Volk, Willem Van Ingen, Jorg Willekens, J W BARON V HEEMSTRA, Wolfgang Slany, Francisco Javier Aranda Granda, Justin Petszaft, TJ Wilson, Christopher Liao, Eric Yu, Arne Eide, Emmanuel Benazera, Paul Scott, christoph messmer, Michel Machado, Christian Hultner, Erard Gilles, Pomin Wu, Michael Mage, John C Partin, william n melton, John Bresee, Imre Simon, William Lachance, Chris Brookins, Doug Young, Simon Willison, Peter Lacey, Wayne A Lown, James Gettys, Per Franck, Charles Haynes, Kevin Watt, Sebastian Kun, Carl Shapiro, Dick Van kirk, Daniel Urman, Debra S Travis, Dave Menconi, Henry Laxen, Brady Jarvis, Anthony Niesz, Oliver Steinmeier and 53 anonymous donors.

Note: While large donations are great, it should be noted that about 70% of all the money donated to the Wikimedia Foundation comes from donations that are the equivalent of $50 or less and the average donation is about $25.

Selected donor comments

Let's all thank everybody who donated on this day by reading their comments.

Full listing at: http://fundraising.wikimedia.org/2005q4/index.php/2006-01-02/detail/
  • "Christmas money for Wikimedia, please continue like that!!" by Christoph Helms
  • "This is truly one of the most important projects currently in existence - long may it continue." by Justin Petszaft
  • "With hope that this donation will contribute in the struggle to make the knowledge of the world freely available and neatly packaged." by Henrik Persson
  • "You are redefining the social concept of an encyclopaedia, please go on!" by Imre Simon
  • "Comme au poker... je mise pour voir ce que sera Wikipédia dans 10 ans, dans 50 ans." by anonymous
  • "Even MediaWiki alone is worth this let alone the Wikimedia Sites" by Aron Rubin
  • "Wikipedia is important, and represents the great potential of a global network for social advancement. Carry on!" by Michael Tyson
  • "May the force be with Wikimedia. Greetings from India." by Chandan Haldar
  • "When I need background info, Wikipedia is the first place I look." by Rob Manuel
  • "Wikipedia is having a huge impact already, and brings me great hope for the future." by Jason Woofenden
  • "Este proyecto demuestra que nos podemos salir del modelo capitalista en la gestion de la información" by Jose Manuel Perez Pita
  • "The best site on the internet bar none. A bottomless source of information and knowledge. Simply, wikid!" by anonymous
  • "Wikipedia is the Internet at its best" by Rodney A Olsen
  • "Per la conoscenza libera!" by Nicola Ruggero
  • "Wikipedia, where else can you get information on ANY topic you come across?" by Berend van Berkum
  • "いつも参考にしてます。" by anonymous
  • "want to see more of Indian language content!!!" by Rajidhar Etta
  • "My own finances aren't too good at the moment, but Wikipedia is one of the things that make life worth living." by anonymous
  • "I'd vote for a UK government forward thinking enough to give Wikipedia funding of £1m per year." by David Boden
  • "Wikipedia is het instrument voor spreiding van kennis" by anonymous
  • "Since the wikipedia is becoming my first place to go to for info i thought i'd donate" by Clayton Parker
  • "All wiki's doing, is providing the access; you however will provide everything else." by anonymous
  • "Free textbooks, yes, please." by John Toby Knudsen

Some of my personal favorites:

  • "I’m doing this for my own daughter, who I hope will grow up in a world where culture is free" by Khalid Alyahya
  • "Wikimedia - The real Internet within the Internet." by Robert Harambura
  • "As a teacher, Wikipedia represents the complete and fundamental change in the way I work with students. Keep up the great work everyone. Pay a little, get a lot!!!" by Jay Kennard
  • "Years from now historians will dedicate careers studying the impact of the Wikipedia. If we are lucky enough to maintain it." by Charles Amrhein
  • "Every time you criticize Wikipedia, God kills a kitten. Please, think of the kittens!" by Peter Hare
  • "I really think this is the greatest, most ambitious site on the internet. Keep up the good work!" by anonymous
  • "Thank you for giving us the opportunity to contribute." by Richard G Brooks
  • "Wikipedia has the potential for being an extraordinary resource, akin to the Encyclopedia Galactica. But just as 'eternal vigilance is the price of liberty', we all need to get personally involved!" by anonymous
  • "Wikipedia is such an important dream that we should all try to make it come true" by Traci Loudin
  • "Wikipedia got me through school!" by anonymous
  • "Freedom isn't free. Support Wikimedia!" by Stephen W Wood

-- Daniel Mayer

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