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Tuesday 3 January

Day 19 was another record day of fundraising! Today saw the second highest number of donations ever made in a single day, 1193, and the second highest total donated; $33,474.07 (both PayPal figures). The average donation this day was $28.06. Mail donations this day were $783.43. Dexia donations totaled €502.21 ($608.20) via 15 donations.

Day total: $34,865.70

Breakdown of Day 19 PayPal donations:

AUD     1,061.64   (796.76 USD)
CAD 	1,475.92   (1,214.55 USD) 
EUR 	4,762.05   (5,784.41 USD)
GBP 	1,588.38   (2,848.44 USD)
JPY 	30,861.00  (278.83 USD)
USD 	22,551.08
Total 	33,474.07 USD

Special thanks to those who gave large donations

An anonymous gave $500, the largest donation for the day. There were also many donors who gave the equivalent of about $100 or more (listed in no particular order); Alex Tan, jdavid grimshaw, Bonaventure Saptel, Roger D Moore, paul RIVIER, Laurence Ronayne, Alfonso Martin-Maldonado Martin, Jan Kelly, Richard Morin, Carl Hewitt, Mahalie M Pech, Jeffrey Puritz, CHANG ZEN TSAI, Sam Pullara, Anand Desai, Michael Koziarski, A N T AAN DE STEGGE, Robert Zeller, KER JAR SONG, Andrew Gallagher, James Taylor, Douglas Hainline, Marco Beri, Dai Barr, William Armstrong, David Astels, John Lawler, Chris Bartle, Eric Towers, Errol Alpay, James M Orrell, John Broughton, Norma Pierce, Jose Luis Cordova, Fredrik Johansson, Asa Canaway, and 50 anonymous donors.

Selected donor comments

Let's all thank everybody who donated on this day by reading their comments.

Full listing at: http://fundraising.wikimedia.org/2005q4/index.php/2006-01-03/detail/
  • "You are an amazing conduit, fusing the best aspects of the global community and its shared knowledge. I salute you!" by anonymous
  • "This is why the internet was created. The money is a trifle compared with the benefits." by Richard Escobedo
  • "A more relevant resource than my text books." by anonymous
  • "I'm amazed at the quality of the entries - thank you, Wikipedia" by anonymous
  • "Ironiquement, c'est pour cette merveilleuse source d'information libre que je finis par délier ma bourse, n'en déplaise à ceux qui exige qu'on les paie pour accéder à leur contenu." by anonymous
  • "Wikipedia, I don't know how I ever did without you! Accept this donation as a gesture of my gratefulness." by anonymous
  • "Wikipedia A site I use in my day-to-day studies. A wealth of knowledge, A Wonderful and 'free' service thank you." by isaac bullen
  • "Grazie per cio' che fate. Viva la cultura libera." by anonymous
  • "Use and love Wikipedia every day. Even on a student budget, I'm glad to help!" by Benjamin Van Der Veen
  • "knowledge, clean and simple as it should be." by Laurence Ronayne
  • "I do hope knowledge will spread and defeat violence which is caused by ignorance" by francesco pirotti
  • "I'm happy to give some cash, especially since I havne't had time to contribute info as much as I've planned to!" by Mahalie M Pech
  • "Teachers...tell your students..." by James North
  • "In memory of Preston G. Simpson" by anonymous
  • "Die Informationen helfen mir immer weiter. Ich möchte daher Wikipedia unterstützen" by Claudia Frank
  • "Wikipedia is changing the world. Thanks to all contributors and good luck!" by Frank Wagner
  • "This is a fantastic service which I use every single day. Do keep up the great work!" by Marc Leger
  • "Wikipedia saves me money on textbooks and teaches me new things every day. Without a doubt, a staple of the internet." by anonymous
  • "This is the greatest gift the human race has ever given. The most noble pursuit. I wish I could give more." by Thomas Laugle
  • "Wikipedia.org es por mucho la mejor página de busqueda en Internet me a ayudado a mi por 2 años y siempre ha resuelto mis dudas." by Lourdes Carvajal
  • "Wikipedia stands right alongside the Internet and the World Wide Web in its promise for the advancement of humankind's civilized development." by JOEL H ROBERTS
  • "in loving memory of Jim Zlogar" by Jeffrey Will
  • "Wikipedia to me is a huge fountain which quenches the never ending thirst for knowledge - Thank you" by mohan sagar
  • "Wikipedia is the most exciting and useful site I have found on the Internet. I have literally spent days here doing research for an upcoming book. Thanks guys, I hope we can indeed take back the web." by John McAlister
  • "Crescat scientia, vita excolatur" by anonymous
  • "Just like contributing to public radio: you don't have to, but you ought to" by DAVIDE ANDREA

Some of my personal favorites:

  • "Wikimedia is a Home schooling parents dream, thank you." by Vicki Grech
  • "I feel truly privileged to be living in a time when I can participate in something as world-changing as Wikipedia etc. – keep it up!" by anonymous
  • "This is one of the things that raises the quality of the Internet as a whole" by Lorenzo Bolognini
  • "Restores your faith that there are rational, conscientious, intelligent people out there." by anonymous
  • "i use your services, like public television, its only decent and right to contribute.Thank you Wikipedia!" by anonymous
  • "An absolutely brilliant idea! Jimmy Wales for the Nobel Peace Prize!" by Douglas Hainline
  • "Stop wasting time reading comments and write an article!" by Eric Towers

-- Daniel Mayer

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