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Archive:Fund drives/2005/Q4/Day 5

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Tuesday 20 December

The equivalent of $12,494.80 USD was donated through PayPal on Day 5 of the fund drive (Tuesday 20 December). While this is a small decrease from Day 4 ($240.70), it does represent a higher average per donation ($22.72 vs $20.28). A total of 550 donations were made on Day 5; the largest was a $2000 anonymous donation made early in the day.

The first mail donations made during the fund drive have come in. A total of $75 has been received so far at the Wikimedia office. MoneyBookers donations for Day 5 were about $80, bringing that total to $383.38. 18 donations wired to our Dexia account totaled €371 ($445.83) today.

Total for the day: $13,095.63

PayPal breakdown for Day 5:

AUD     420.72    (315.75 USD) 
CAD 	362.49 	  (298.30 USD) 
EUR 	2,429.82  (2,951.48 USD) 
GBP 	328.86 	  (589.74 USD)
JPY 	39,684.00 (358.54 USD)
USD 	7,980.99
Total 	12,494.80 USD

Copied from: http://fundraising.wikimedia.org/2005q4/index.php/2005-12-20/report/

Selected donor comments

Let's all thank everybody who donated on this day by reading their comments.

From: http://fundraising.wikimedia.org/2005q4/index.php/2005-12-20/detail/
  • "Information wants to be free" by anonymous
  • "Knowledge is the future - thank you for sharing it! A true daily user" by anonymous
  • "Wissen ist Macht. Und die Macht sollte beim Volk liegen und nicht bei Verwertungsgesellschaften." by anonymous
  • "Wikipedia embraces the spirit of the internet and every page is an investment for all human knowledge" by Orion Pronk
  • "Thank you from a poor student from Germany" by Dominik Pich
  • "Wikipedia rocks." by anonymous
  • "a wonderful resource - my kids find it indispensible for school" by erik hoel
  • "Wikipedia ist ein tolles Nachschlagewerk für welches sich lohnt zu unterstützen." by anonymous
  • "gift economies are beautiful things. and i know what a gift economy is thanks go wikipedia." by anonymous
  • "いつも豊富な知識を貰っています。どうもありがとう。" by genta uemura
  • "Used Wiki many times. A true encyclopedia. The truth shall set you free." by Higinio Sanchez
  • "Wikipedia is an invaluable source of accessible information in the overclogged information highway" by Anh-Thu Nguyen
  • "Your work is really important" by anonymous
  • "Wikipedia helps fulfill the internet's promise of democratization and equalization of information." by anonymous
  • "Knowledge is the key to freedom" by John Rosato
  • "It is my honor and duty" by anonymous
  • "Got Wiki?" by Jun Yan

Some of my personal favorites:

  • "a small step for a better world" by Mathieu Francois
  • "If Plato would have the internet he would constantly read Wikipedia." by anonymous
  • "Best signal to noise ratio on the internet today" by Simon Pichette
  • "I have an atrocious memory - Wikipedia fills in the blanks!" by Ian Henderson
  • "For all the library late fees Wikipedia has saved me." by Jonathan Voris
  • "Thank you! Truly... thank you!!" by Dominick Daoust
  • "All of us are smarter than any off us!" by Michael Doherty
  • "Knowledge will never be burnt again" by anonymous

-- Daniel Mayer

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