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Mer om vad denna integritetspolicy inte täcker

Detta avsnitt är en del av integritetspolicyn och avser att förklara i detalj vilka situationer som vår integritetspolicy inte täcker.

Wikimedias webbplatser och verktyg med alternativa policyer
En del av Wikimedia Foundations webbplatser verktyg har or tools have alternativa integritetspolicys eller avsättningar som skiljer sig från denna integritetspolicy. Dessa webbplatser inkluderar:
If a Wikimedia Foundation website is governed by an alternative privacy policy, it will link to such policy. When a Wikimedia Foundation tool is governed by an alternative privacy policy, the page where the tool may be downloaded or enabled will include a link to that policy.
Gemenskapens medlemmar
The Wikimedia Sites are collaborative labors of love that are constantly maintained and updated by a global community of volunteers. This global community of volunteers may sometimes have access to personal Information in order to ensure the functioning of the Wikimedia Sites.
  • Administrative volunteers, such as CheckUsers or Stewards. These are volunteers who enforce Wikimedia Site policies and ensure the safety of the Wikimedia Sites. When these administrators access Personal Information that is nonpublic, they are required to comply with our Access to nonpublic personal data policy, as well as other, tool-specific policies.
  • Tool providers. We support platforms for third-party developers to experiment and develop new tools and sites, such as When you use one of the tools developed by these volunteers, you may transfer information to them. When these volunteers access nonpublic information or Personal Information, they are required to comply with the terms governing the particular platform the tool is available on.
  • Andra användare. Vi använder flera verktyg som låter användare kommunicera med varandra. Kommunikation kan täckas av denna policy medan de hanteras via våra system, men användarna som tar emot denna kommuniation och vad de gör med den när de tar emot den täcks inte av denna policy. Några exempel:
    • göra inlägg på sändlistor som drivs av Foundation;
    • fråga efter support från volontärer via vår onlinebugghanteringssystem (e-post som skickads till info[snabel-a] hamnar i detta system);
    • skicka e-post till andra användare via Wikimedias webbplatser (till exempel med funktionen "E-posta denna användare"); och
    • chatta på IRC (som på kanalen #wikipedia).
Tredje parter
This Privacy Policy only covers the way the Wikimedia Foundation collects, uses and discloses Personal Information and does not address the practices of third parties. For example, this Privacy Policy does not address the practices of:
  • Websites run by other organizations, like websites linked to from the "References" sections of Wikipedia, or run by Wikimedia chapters or other movement organizations. These organizations may receive information from you if you visit their websites after using one of the Wikimedia Sites. They are governed by their own privacy policies.
  • Mobile applications provided by other organizations or individuals. These organizations or individuals may receive information from you if you use those applications to access the Wikimedia Sites or Wikimedia Site content. They are governed by their own privacy policies.

Sometimes, volunteers may place a data-collecting tool, such as a script, gadget, tracking pixel, or share button, on a Wikimedia Site without our knowledge. This Policy does not cover how third parties handle the information they receive as a result of such a tool. If you come across such a third-party tool, and you believe it violates this Policy, you can remove the tool yourself, or report it to privacy[at] so we can investigate.

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