Interkonsento pri sekreteco de nepublika informo

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The Wikimedia Foundation approved a new Access to nonpublic personal data policy on 6 November 2018. In accordance with this policy, volunteers with access to nonpublic personal data (such as VRT volunteers, CheckUsers, Oversighters, and Stewards) are required to sign this confidentiality agreement in order to maintain or receive their access to nonpublic personal data. Instructions on how to sign the agreement are available. The Foundation shall not grant Foundation volunteer NDA recognition to applicant(s) for volunteer roles if the applicants live in jurisdictions that block(ed) access to Wikimedia projects AND there is reason to believe that their domicile is known to others than the individual applicant(s) and the Foundation. Exemptions may be granted in individual cases following a request for review by the Legal department. Granting such NDAs would put the applicant(s) as well as other volunteers relying on the Foundation's platform at undue risk. All NDA-based access rights granted to users fulfilling both criteria in the proposed adjustment shall be revoked at the point of policy adjustment.

NOTE: The document intentionally states "X years of age" as the documents actually being signed may say either 16 years of age or 18 years of age depending on the role of the person signing it. The documents on Legalpad which volunteers are signing reflect the correct age for that specific document.

Interkonsento pri Sekreteco de Nepublika Persona Dateno

You provide critical and valuable services and support to the Wikimedia movement, and the success of our projects depends on authorized Wikimedia community members like you. In return, you may be entrusted with confidential nonpublic personal data, including private user information. This agreement between you and the Wikimedia Foundation reflects our mutual commitment to protecting that information. By digitally signing and submitting this document you certify that you are at least X years of age and acknowledge that you have reviewed and agree to this confidentiality agreement, which is between you and the Wikimedia Foundation.

Ne publika informo

Nonpublic personal data is private information, including private user information, which you receive either through the use of tools provided to you as an authorized Wikimedia community member or from other such members. Nonpublic personal data includes "personal information" as defined by the Wikimedia Privacy Policy, IP addresses, and other personally identifying information that are not otherwise publicly available. It does not include information about a user that that user has made public on the Wikimedia projects.

Esceptoj el nepublika persona dateno. Nepublika persona dateno ne inkluzivas ajnan informon (a) aŭ kiu publike disponis ĉe la tempo de publikiĝo; (b) aŭ kiu publike ekdisponis sen breĉo de tiu politiko fare de vi; (c) aŭ kiun vi posedis antaŭ la publikiĝo, laŭ via skribitaj registroj, kaj kiu ne estis parto de pli frua artikolo de Vikimedia politiko pri sekreteco; (d) aŭ pri kiu vi estas jure devigita disponigi. Tamen, vi promesas ke vi donos al Vikimedia Fondaĵo tujan atentigon pri tia jura devigo kaj ke vi observos ajnan protektan ordonon pri tia publikigo.

Rajtigita komunumo membroj.

Authorized community members are Wikimedia users who are entrusted, through a valid community- or foundation-run process, with information covered by the Wikimedia Privacy Policy. This includes community members with access to any tool that permits them to view nonpublic information about other users or members of the public, community members with the ability to access content or user information which has been removed from administrator view, and volunteer developers with access to nonpublic personal data. Authorized Wikimedia community members may include, for example, oversighters, checkusers, volunteer developers, and other similar authorized roles.

Protektado de ne npublika informo. Vi konsentas:

  • konformi al la Politiko pri Privateco, la Politiko pri Aliro al Nepublika Persona Dateno, kaj ajna alia aplikebla kaj ne konfliktanta komunuma politiko pri nepublika informo;
  • Ne sciigi ajnulon pri nepublika persona dateno, krom laŭ la permeso de tiu ĉi politiko;
  • Akcepteble sekurigilo via konto kontraŭ neaŭtorizita aliro kaj uzo;
  • Atingi, uzi, kaj publikigi nepublikan personan datenon nur laŭ neceso kaj nur laŭ via rolo kiel rajtigita ano de la Vikimedia komunumo; kaj
  • Retpoŝti, al, priskribon de la nepublika persona dateno pri kiu vi volas sciigi aliulojn (ekz. policon) almenaŭ 10 tagojn antaŭ la dato de via estonta sciigo.

Malobservo. Vi konsentas ke, en kazo de malobservo de ĉi tiu interkonsento, inklude maltaŭgan aliron, uzon, aŭ malkaŝon de nenpublika informo:

  • Vi sciigos la Fondaĵon Vikimedio pri la malobservo tuj;
  • Vi forigos aŭ alimaniere detruos ĉiujn nenpublikajn informojn en via posedo kaj kontrolo, se instruita de la Fondaĵo Vikimedio;
  • Via aliro al nenpublikaj informoj povas esti finita; kaj
  • The Wikimedia Foundation may pursue available legal remedies, including injunctive relief or, in the case of willful intent, monetary damages.

Aliaj dispozicioj. Vi ankaŭ konsentite:

  • Ĉi tiu interkonsento ne estigas dungon, agentecon, partnerecon, aŭ kunan entreprenan rilaton inter vi kaj la Vikimedia Fondaĵo.
  • You may not transfer or assign your rights or obligations under this agreement;
  • You are solely responsible for how you access and use nonpublic personal data, and your activity or account may be reviewed by other authorized users or the Wikimedia Foundation; and
  • La leĝoj de la Ŝtato Kalifornio kaj Usono regas ĉi tiun interkonsenton (sen referenco al principoj pri konflikto inter leĝoj).


By typing your name below, clicking the check box, and clicking the "Sign Document" ("Sign Document") button below, you acknowledge that you have reviewed and agree to this confidentiality agreement between you and the Wikimedia Foundation. Among other things, you must:

(1) Keep nonpublic personal data, as defined in this confidentiality agreement, confidential;
(2) Obtain prior written approval from the Wikimedia Foundation if you determine such information should be disclosed to any outside parties, such as law enforcement;
(3) Comply with the Wikimedia Privacy Policy and the Access to nonpublic personal data Policy; and
(4) Provide to the Wikimedia Foundation a valid email address linked to the account under which you have or are applying for access rights.

Miscellaneous text for translation purposes

By typing your name below, clicking the check box, and clicking the "Sign Document" ("Sign Document") button below, you acknowledge that you have reviewed and agree both to this confidentiality agreement between you and the Wikimedia Foundation as well as the VRT confidentiality agreement. Among other things, you must:

General Confidentiality Agreement - Nonpublic personal data

VRTS Users Confidentiality Agreement - Nonpublic personal data


Paĝoj pri privateco